I’m Erika, a 30 year old passionate cook, baker and creative. I’m currently living in the beautiful state of Wisconsin enjoying life in the city of Kenosha. I have a wonderful family that is expanding. My husband Bryon loves all things technology and together we have three beautiful boys.. #boymomforever 

I grew up in a small town in the south west of England called Taunton, in the county of Somerset. Where cider is plentiful and rolling hills covered in lush green fields, and thick woodland surround you. My passion for baking and cooking started at a very young age. I would watch my mother cook all the time and adored watching any TV show that was related to food. The love of baking developed a little later then cooking as it became an escape for me from all the bullying and hardships we faced when my mother became sick.  Over the years I have grown much in my skills and passion, but I’m still learning so many things! 

I have found, over the years that baking, and the creative outlet that it has given me, brings peace. joy and a total sense of calm into any stressful situation I face. When I was living in England I shared my baking escapades with my four housemates and the many guests that were a constant in our home. I also worked as a trainee chef and gained knowledge from several people who had previously owned bakeries in Greece for more than a decade. This is where a true fire was set under me that cooking, baking and all that is related with that is my calling in life. Whether it be making things for others or teaching people the basics of good simple, low budget food.

Now my cooking and baking escapades are shared with family and friends at my local church and by my husband’s work colleagues. It’s such a hard life for them (haha!). I also make custom cakes and cupcakes for birthdays, weddings, and special events.

This is a space to share the knowledge I do have and the new skills/techniques I’m learning. I still consider myself somewhat of a novice with many of the things I do but I would love you to join me on this journey of self discovery, learning and personal development as we learn, grow and - OF COURSE - BAKE together!