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Hello! I’m so glad you’re here!

Here I will take you into my kitchen and share my tried and true recipes plus all the fun I have in between testing them.

A lot of my cooking and is throw it together from what I have in the cupboards and see how it turns out. Most of the time this works (haha!) and other times its kinda blah, but then I just adjust things accordingly until I have what I believe to be a good recipe. Usually if I find a recipe online or in a cookbook I will, 90% of the time change and adapt it to suit our family needs, and because I most likely do not have all the ingredients that are listed.

When it comes to my baking I do try to be more precise, as baked goods tend to be more temperamental in their outcome if you don’t measure everything exactly. But even then, because of the baking knowledge I do have, I am able to play around a little with certain ingredients, flavors, and quantities.

I will say that through this blog I have already begun to learn new habits. For example - actually writing own the experimental recipes that I create. Usually I just wing it and hope for the best and then forget what I’ve done (haha!) But after many years of friends and family asking me for recipes, I have been pushing myself to remember to write down what I’m doing when creating or adapting a recipe.

What has helped me with this is keeping a notebook and pen stored in an obvious place in my kitchen, which has helped train my brain to reach for it on instinct and write stuff down. So, if you are someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen, my advice is to keep a notebook and pen in sight - or take notes in the cookbook you are using so you can always recreate your adjustments.

Within this blog I’ll also share with you my tips and tricks that I like to use in my kitchen everyday, to help make your cooking and baking experience feel less of a stress. I hope to empower you to feel confident in stepping into your kitchen, and experiment with all kinds of new things as we adventure forth together!

So, please, join me in this journey to grow and develop as bakers, cooks, and creatives.



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Erika Perona